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Welcome to Active Pest Control. First we will talk about Bedbug Control and bedbug. Bed bugs have proven to be a very challenging pest. While most people would like to have a pest management professional come to their home and spray a magic potion that eliminates bed bugs forever, no such potion exists. Bed bugs are highly resistant to a number of insecticides, and their eggs are impervious to most insecticide formulations.

Complicating the situation further is the human host.

Many people live in highly cluttered environments providing bed bugs with many places to hide. Boxes, books, stuffed animals, and electronic equipment cannot be treated with insecticides so there are many safe locations where bed bugs find refuge. This is why we cannot rely on insecticides alone to cure bed bug problems.

Pest management professionals have recently started using a variety of non-chemical tools to help manage bed bug infestations. Below is a discussion of the non-chemical methods that can be used as part of an integrated pest management program for bed bugs.

This publication is not intended to endorse any of the products described below, however, these products are specifically mentioned because they are unique technologies and known to be effective Highly cluttered homes and bedrooms provide bed bugs with numerous places to hide, and makes treating the home with insecticides almost impossible. Therefore, reducing clutter will greatly improve your chances of eliminating bed bugs.

Before having your home treated for bed bugs, place piles of clothes that are laying on the floor into sealed bags for laundering.

Remove all items from under the bed, but do not put anything on top of the bed or move items into another room (potentially spreading the infestation)*.

Go through your closets. Bag and throw away any items that you no longer use. Do not move items from the closets into other rooms. Stack those items that you wish to keep in front of the closet door so that they can be inspected*. Items that have no value, such as old newspapers, junk mail, magazines, and broken electronic equipment should be bagged and thrown in the trash immediately.

Your pest management professional may provide you with specific instructions on how to reduce clutter in your home or apartment. Be prepared to follow those instructions to the letter.

Your Bedbug Control professional may provide you with dissolvable laundry bags or you can purchase them yourself. Dissolvable (Green Clean™) laundry bags are laundry bags that dissolve in the washer. You can pack your clothing and other washable belongings into the bags and put them directly into the washer without having to open the bag or dispose of a potentially infested bag in the laundromat*.

It is very important to catch a bed bug infestation before the population becomes large and difficult to control. But how do you monitor a home or apartment for bed bugs? You may have heard the old stories of how people used to put tuna cans full of water under the legs of their bed to prevent bed bugs from crawling up and feeding on them.

Modern bed bug monitoring devices like the Climb Up™ Insect Interceptor use that same idea to detect bed bugs before an infestation develops. For the Climb Up™ device to work, the bed must be properly prepared. The bed must be moved away from the wall so that it is not touching the wall or another piece of furniture.

There must be no dust ruffle or any other bedding touching the floor during the day or night. A Climb Up™ interceptor is then placed under each bed leg (4-6 devices total) so that the leg sits inside the inner well of the device. The Climb Up™ interceptor is basically a dish that is rough on the outside and coated with talc on the inside.

Hungry bed bugs coming to feed on the host crawl up the outside of the device and fall into the outer well where they cannot escape. The Climb Up™ is an excellent tool for early detection because bed bugs moving in from the apartment next door may be found in the Climb Up™ before anyone starts getting bitten.

The Climb Up™ device is also useful as a trap. The devices can capture hundreds of bed bugs as they attempt to approach the host. The Climb Up™ will not eliminate an infestation, but it can catch enough bed bugs to actually reduce the population size.*

The value of vacuuming is not that it controls bed bugs, but that it makes inspections so much easier. In large infestations, bed bug harborages and aggregation sites are not only filled with live bed bugs, but also with their debris (dead bed bugs, molted skins, hatched egg shells, and feces). It is often difficult to distinguish what is alive from what is dead in a messy harborage, particularly after treatment. A high powered vacuum is very useful for removing this debris.

While no vacuum is powerful enough to remove all of the bed bug eggs (eggs are cemented into place), the removal of the bed bug debris makes it much easier to see if anything is still alive in these harborages after they have been treated. Just make sure that the infested vacuum bag is thrown away outside of the building.

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  • 3 Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen, (Max 1800sft) =  5000/= Tk. ( 6 Month Re-service Guaranty)

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